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More than 1 million children experience parental divorce each year in the United States.

We Believe in Family Rights

Early on, as the author of a pivotal paper (amicus brief) in Maine in the early 1980’s about parental rights, Charles D. Jamieson earned the advocacy and respect of many leading family rights organizations because he argued for decisions in divorce cases, regarding children, to be based on best outcomes and family needs rather than accepted conventions. He formulates his arguments and case analysis based on his core belief that everyone and every case is different. Charlie knows, of course, that this is especially true within the practice of Family Law where the outcomes – despite the best intentions of the system – can be devastating to the mental health and well being of children and their parents if positions rather than needs are addressed.

We Believe in Helping You to Stay Focused

Complex family dynamics, and emotional interactions (good and bad) are intensified during difficult situations. Parents going through a divorce or other times of stress may feel helpless to protect what they know is right: a healthy future relationship with their children, well-earned assets, and future opportunities. Disputes concerning contact schedules and parental alienation may further complicate this process. As a result, emotions can run high, ranging from anxiety, depression, confusion, hurt, anger and even a desire for revenge. Under these circumstances, a separation can easily disintegrate into a toxic atmosphere of a “he said” vs. “she said” escalating contest. Your challenge is to make sound decisions in the midst of this chaotic environment. With Charlie’s advice and guidance early on, you can make sound choices that will protect your parental rights, finances, and maximize your chances of obtaining your best future. Since Charlie has dealt with hundreds of cases while practicing Marital and Family Law, he will help you to concentrate on what is most important in moving forward.

We Trust in Guiding Principles

Communication, Education, Prioritization, & Involvement: Charles D. Jamieson has been a divorce attorney for over 33 years. He has been a partner in a firm, has led a family law division in a firm, and now leads his own family law practice. He also has been divorced. Consequently, Charles D. Jamieson has created the following set of principles which dramatically creates a difference between how he meets the needs of his clients than most other family law firms.

We Believe in Your Future and not Destroying Your Past

As a result of having faced so many situations similar to yours, Charlie believes that any process that tries to exact the same result with a cookie cutter approach, as if we are not different and unique, is flawed. The process can cheat the the family (on both sides) of a better future life. Charlie does not utilize practices that do not consider current research surrounding divorce. Instead, Charlie believes in educating, advising, and empowering clients with knowledge and by participating in a divorce process that prepares them for a better future. Guided by his strongly held beliefs, Charlie has built an extensive network of experts, himself included, that can be utilized during the divorce process so that you can preserve your important tangible assets, and intangible assets, such as parental and family bonds, self worth, and respect for a marriage that is now ending. Board Certified Marital and Family Law attorney Charles Jamieson has led the efforts to protect parental and family rights for over 30 years because it means a better future for you and your children. His access to current studies and leading experts on topics concerning divorce, separation, time sharing/child custody, child psychology, and inappropriate psychological behavior such as parental alienation and false accusations, assists clients to make successful transitions to being single again.

Charlie’s focus is to produce the best possible outcomes based upon the needs of parents and children to ensure their emotional and financial health and well being both during and after the divorce process. For this reason, he stands out from the crowd of divorce lawyers in South Florida trained to settle or litigate their client’s cases through adversarial, position based tactics. In contrast, leading with his core belief that each client is different and unique, Charlie focuses on needs. This means that Charlie will listen carefully to you to understand and prioritize your goals surrounding the divorce so that the recommended divorce process will meet with your expectations.

His clients appreciate Charlie’s approach since it is based on family needs. Needs based approaches allow for creative solutions to be introduced and undermine position based, adversarial arguments. As a result, clients of the Law Firm benefit from an ability to obtain the best resolution of sensitive family matters, with appropriate awards of alimony and child support either in or out of court. If you are the type of person that seeks a fair outcome based on the needs of your family, then you truly understand what “winning” is about, and what Charlie’s Law Firm is about as well.

Does it Make A Difference?

Board Certification For Florida Lawyers: What Does it Mean? Established in 1982 by the Florida Supreme Court, Board Certification assists consumers in identifying specialists in various areas of law, including marital and family law.

Divorce Attorney Charles D. Jamieson

A highly principled legal professional driven by a passion for his work, Mr. Jamieson began his family law practice in Maine, assertively representing clients in divorce cases. As lead attorney and/or legal consultant to individuals with divorce issues in more than 20 states, Mr. Jamieson has developed a wealth of experience regarding family rights and marital law. He has been invited to share his knowledge and insight at seminars throughout the United States. Mr. Jamieson is respected among child support lawyers, domestic violence attorneys and divorce attorneys in West Palm Beach. While Mr. Jamieson’s practice is based in West Palm Beach, Florida, he is committed to proactive, assertive representation for each of his clients, regardless of their geographic location.

Mr. Jamieson graduated from Dartmouth College in 1975, magna cum laude, and earned his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from the University of Maine School of Law in 1978. While in law school, he was very active in advocacy issues, served as the co-chairman of the Moot Court Board and was successful in arguing legal issues in intramural and international moot court contests. He was admitted to practice law in Maine in 1978 and was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1990. In cases of divorce, the best interests of all children involved are priority. To this end, Mr. Jamieson regularly networks with experts in the field, as well as child custody lawyers and family divorce attorneys.

The Law Firm of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A. serves clients nationally and throughout Florida from its West Palm Beach office.

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