Florida Child Support

In Florida child support is a major concern of many parents who are separated. While most parents want to do what is right for their children, there is often a fine balance between ensuring a child is well taken care of and obtaining an award or child support within the ability to pay for the supporting parent. Both concerns are valid.

A Core Focus and Purpose

Charles D. Jamieson has represented clients in their child support needs for over 30 years, protecting the best interests of the children and parents involved in preserving parental rights. While avoiding contentious child custody battles takes experience, few child custody lawyers can match the unique focus and expertise Charles Jamieson offers.

Whether settling child support payments or seeking a child support modification, Mr. Jamieson also seeks to understand each client’s needs and economic situation. His regular participation in seminars and educational forums help him stay well informed about current child support issues, including interstate support disputes, so he can best represent his client’s interests.

Florida Child Support Guidelines

Florida child support guidelines provide a baseline for required support payments. Factors such as income levels, earning potential, number of children, and others are used to calculate the figure. A court may deviate from this baseline amount by a percent increase or decrease. Nevertheless, the Law Firm of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A., is experienced in exploring and presenting evidence, which may cause additional increases or reductions in the baseline calculations of child support.

The Child’s Best Interest

While protecting child custody rights and maximizing support within Florida child support guidelines, child custody lawyers must remember the importance of focusing on the child’s best interest. Mr. Jamieson is committed to helping each family reach an amicable resolution, if possible. When it’s not, he is equally effective at reaching a fair resolution through assertive representation.

Do You Have an Issue with Child Support?

There is no substitute for a confidential one-on-one review and evaluation of your situation. So we’ve tried to make this easy. We provide you with access to an online calendar, where you can see Mr. Jamieson’s availability. Online scheduling allows you to choose the day and time that is best for you without having to contact our office during hours. If you prefer, you are still welcome to call us at 561-478-0312 or use the online form.


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-Charlie Jamieson

Does it Matter?

Charles Jamieson is a Board Certified Marital and Family Law Attorney in Florida.

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