Finding Your New Horizon:

7 Considerations in Planning Your Florida Divorce

Finding Your New Horizon

Free eBook on Florida Divorce

by Charles D. Jamieson, P.A.

Many of us have heard the phrase, “Nobody plans to fail, they fail to plan.” Much of what can go wrong in a divorce can be attributed to the wisdom found in that phrase. The aim of Finding Your New Horizon eBook is to provide the reader with some of the critical considerations that go into an effective plan to deal with an impending divorce. We offer the reader seven considerations: (1) Leaving or staying in the family home, (2) Financial planning and budgeting (3) Parenting, (4) Dating, (5) Avoiding stress and conflict, (6) Costs, and (7) Filing for divorce.

“Over time, our purpose has evolved into an approach focused on finding creative solutions to settle disputes and foster cooperation to preserve parental bonds, your finances and a better future. A little preparation on your part will translate into positive forward movement and so the considerations that follow…”

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