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Family Law Firm: While a key purpose of any family law firm’s website is to solicit for new clients (we don’t deny it, we’d like to earn your business), our greater purpose is to improve the nature of divorce so that family rights are protected, your past accomplishments are not destroyed, and that your transition to being single again creates a promising future. The way we do this is to focus on minimizing the contentious nature of divorce. That may sound a little lofty, but it is true. Most systems improve over time – and this thing we call the “divorce process” has too. However, most systems are resistant to change, so that adoption of new approaches and improvements are slow and incremental. Throughout his thirty year career in Family Law, Attorney Charles Jamieson has been a proponent of change, and an early adopter of approaches to improve the nature of divorce and minimize its contentious nature. Here, we highlight some of the ways our website builds awareness of the options and approaches one can take, as well as the steps we have taken to improve your access to our law firm, and some early on steps you can take to avoid the pitfalls.

Improved Access

The Law Office of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A. - Purpose and BeliefsWe Want you to Know Why we Practice Family Law – Choosing a law firm to represent you can largely be a roll of the dice, especially as you use the internet to research the possibilities, since most of our peers who solely focus on what they do – provide very little differentiation between their services and those provided by other attorneys. We’d like to know that the clients who choose to use our services are aligned with our purpose and beliefs. When we are in alignment with each other, the process unfolds smoothly and more expeditiously. For us, it is about helping as many people as possible. We do a better job of this when our purposes are aligned. We try to explain this throughout the website but go in depth within About the Law Firm.

The Law Office of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A. - Schedule Appointments OnlineSchedule an Initial Consultation Online – We offer a way that you can schedule an initial divorce consultation online. You gain access to a calendar that shows available appointment times and you can select your appointment time even after office hours or on the weekend (when you are most likely conducting research, or have the time to be online). We try to provide you with enough information on this website to make a decision about whether we are the right firm for your needs. Our initial consultation will address your specific situation and provide significant assistance and advice. There is a reasonable charge for the service and you can be confident that the initial consultation you receive is in no way part of a sales process meant to close you on a retainer. If you require more in-depth assistance and advice prior to retaining an attorney, we can provide you with a divorce assessment that can be scheduled at the conclusion of the initial consultation. Go here to schedule your divorce consultation online.

Family Law FirmMobile and Desktop Versions of the Website – You have a choice when visiting our website. Our main website is great for viewing on a large screen, but our mobile website is best for today’s tablets and smartphones. We use simple, fast loading graphics and a light background to cut down on glare. Buttons are larger for your fingertips and text fonts are a bit larger too making reading on a small screen much easier. Built on “responsive” technology, our mobile edition will scale and stack based on your device’s screen size. No matter where you are, access to some of the best information on divorce in Florida is at “hand.” You can visit the mobile website here.

The Law Office of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A. - Get AnswersContact Us – Throughout our website you might notice the Get an Answer! tab in the upper right hand corner of the browser window. We placed these tabs on the page so that when you come across information that prompts a question in your mind, you don’t need to lose your place to compose a message to our law firm. Clicking on the tab will open a simple form to send us message. You can try it right now… just look for the grey tab in the upper right corner of the browser window. If you would like to close the tab, just click on it again.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Divorce

The Law Office of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A. - Protect Your PrivacyProtect Your Privacy – It is important to protect your privacy both during and preceding a divorce. With so many ways to communicate today, and especially with access to communications from multiple devices it is best to isolate your inquires and correspondence about divorce to a separate and secure calendar and email account only accessible through a web interface. Wherever we offer you a means to contact us, we provide recommendations for, and links to obtain new secure accounts.

The Law Office of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A. - Smart Divorce TipsSmart Considerations for Divorce – We provide a list of tips that can help you avoid some of the many issues encountered during divorce. You can find the tips within the Divorce Overview section of the website. Click on the tab “Smart Considerations for Divorce” and it will open a list of tips and precautions you can take to minimize the chances that your divorce will turn into a knock-down drag-out fight.

Divorce Approaches and Options

The Law Office of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A. - The Purpose of our WebsiteAre You Really Sure You Want a Divorce? – This is an important question to ask yourself. Look, just because we practice Family Law doesn’t mean we want to encourage divorce. We realize that for some spouses there is no other option. However we also believe that many divorces can be avoided if one or both of the spouses seeks professional counseling before initiating the divorce process. Once the legal process is started, it will elevate the disagreements you have with your spouse; it can cause the person you knew and loved to become someone you never knew existed, it is the proverbial crossing of the line in the sand. Exploring this question is the first step in avoiding the contentious nature of divorce. We encourage everyone, especially those who would be petitioners to a divorce, to recognize the damaging effects all divorces potentially can have – especially to your children. If you need a referral to a professional individual marriage counselor, our law firm will be happy to help you. Please call 561/478-0312 or use the online form to make a request. Go to Divorce Overview to read more.

The Law Office of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A. - The Purpose of our WebsiteExplore your Options for Divorce – We provide an overview of the four major approaches used to reach a divorce settlement agreement. Understanding and knowing your options from the start can help you avoid the pitfalls of divorce. Because we have laid out these approaches in plain simple language, you can better draw out the benefits and disadvantages for your particular situation. The real benefit to you is the knowledge to avoid being led down a path you may not have necessarily chosen on your own. Prior to committing on a course for your divorce, we recommend that you first setup an initial divorce consultation with Charlie. During the initial divorce consultation, we will be able to assess together whether this is an approach that will work for you. Utilizing the initial divorce consultation in this way will provide you with valuable insights on the process and an exploration of the alternative approaches given your unique situation. This is time well spent, regardless of whether you decide to retain us for your divorce or modification action. Go to Divorce Options to read more.

Got a Question? Get an Answer!

We welcome all feedback, questions and comments. Just click on the [dcscf-link text=”Get Answers!”] tab above and send us a quick note! Also, be sure to check out some of the other services and resources available on the website… Learn about Board Certification for Marital and Family Law, check out the Family Law Videos, you can even schedule an Initial Divorce Consultation right from the website!

Does it Make A Difference?

Charlie Jamieson - Board Certified Divorce LawyerBoard Certification For Florida Lawyers: What Does it Mean? Established in 1982 by the Florida Supreme Court, Board Certification assists consumers in identifying specialists in various areas of law, including marital and family law.

Consult a Divorce Attorney

Attorney Charles D. Jamieson - Schedule Initial Divorce Consultations OnlineIf you are ready to meet with Family Law Attorney Charles Jamieson, we provide you with access to an online appointment calendar to set your initial divorce consultation. If you prefer, you are welcome to call our West Palm Beach office at 561-478-0312, or use the online form.

Divorce: Video Resources

Divorce VideosBe sure to check out the videos Charles Jamieson put together. We’ve taken our YouTube Channel and organized it into a gallery for viewing on this website. We cover a broad range of topics and go into detail on many Family Law and Divorce topics.