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West Palm Beach Family Law and Divorce Videos: We’ve created a series of informative videos to answer some of the common concerns someone might face if they are in need of a Family Law Attorney in South Florida.

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Do You Need to Talk to an Expert?

They don’t teach a divorce class in school, so where do you go when you face the unexpected? Charlie’s focus is Florida Family Law. He has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience. He’s an expert in his field and he is committed to educating and informing clients so that they can make the best decisions, whether it is how to approach your spouse about divorce, how to choose the right attorney, or what process will offer the most benefit to you and your children. An initial consultation with Charlie will provide substantial assistance and advice. Our initial consultations are not a sales pitch, so there is a reasonable fee for the service. You can now schedule initial consultations online. This gives you the convenience of setting an appointment with us whether or not our office is open. Do you just have a quick question? Drop us a note instead! Or, call our offices at 561/478-0312.