Secure Email Accounts

We recommend that you create new secure email and calendar accounts while investigating and researching a decision about divorce. This way you can separate your personal and business communications from those conversations you are engaging in with subscriptions to newsletters, blog feeds, attorney websites, and etc. It is a smart step to take, is easy, and can be accomplished in a few minutes. We also recommend that you do not use an email/calendar client (such as Outlook) to download and organize your new email account and appointments, as these programs are often times left running and open on your computer, and store copies of your messages and events even if you are not logged into your account. Instead, we recommend that you routinely access your email and calendar through a web interface via a browser and close the browser window when finished.

There are lots of options today to create a new email account and most are free. As well, secure online calendars can be created for free. An often recommended service is from Google. Go here if you would like to setup a Gmail account. After clicking on the link, select the “Get Started” button to create a new account. You can use your new Gmail email address and password to access the Google Calendar application as well.