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Divorce for most of us will be a one time event in our life, but how do you quickly get up to speed and make wise decisions about something you never expected to face? Where do you go to get answers? Certainly, consulting your family or friends could help, but you cannot trust that your privacy will be protected or that the information will be accurate. For accurate and actionable information tailored and relevant to your situation, you need to seek out the advice of an expert legal professional. The Law Firm of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A. is committed to educating and informing our clients so they can make the best decisions, whether it is about retaining counsel, approaching your spouse about divorce, or what options are likely to benefit you and your children the most. Since divorce isn’t something you learn about in school, we offer initial consultations that have real substance and can help you understand your options and feel confident about the path you choose to take.

This is not a “FREE” sales pitch consultation, like you may see at other law firms.

During an initial divorce consultation, we will spend an hour and a half with you. We will bring you up to date on divorce law in Florida, how it may apply to your case, your divorce options, and the different reasons for choosing one divorce option over another. We provide this service because we believe there is not a one-size fits all approach to divorce. Whether or not you choose to retain Charles D. Jamieson as your divorce attorney – we will provide you with valuable assistance and advice in this meeting, so there is a reasonable charge for the service.

Please keep in mind that a more in-depth Divorce Assessment can be scheduled at the conclusion of a consultation if you need more time than the limited advice we can offer in this relatively short period of time, and before you retain an attorney.

We understand that you may be entering this major life event with some trepidation and we’d like to make you as comfortable as possible, so we offer initial consultations in several formats. For your convenience, we provide you with access to an online schedule so you can choose the best appointment time for you, as well as the ability to book your appointment after office hours or over the weekend. If you prefer, you are welcome to call 561-478-0312 during normal office hours to schedule your initial consultation.


Divorce Consultation

By scheduling your initial divorce consultation via phone you can avoid travel time and traffic, while minimizing your time away from work and commitments. Teleconferences are valuable to those who want to protect their privacy and for whom it is inconvenient to come to our office to meet.

Video Conference

Divorce Consultation via Video ConferenceWe utilize the video conferencing capabilities of Goto Meeting with HD Faces. Access to a PC and webcam with a broadband internet connection in a private location is required. You receive the benefits of a phone appointment, plus screen sharing and interactivity.

In-Person Meeting

Divorce Consultation In-Person

We will meet in-person at my office located in West Palm Beach, Florida. This is our most popular option for initial consultations, since meeting in-person allows for a deeper level of communication, in a comfortable and confidential environment.

Divorce Consultation Appointment Confirmation


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For your convenience, we provide an online schedule, so that you can set an initial consultation with us, even after hours! The service is available 24 hours a day and allows you to select the time, type of appointment, and place that best works for you. Clicking the button below will start the appointment widget. Simply follow the online instructions. When complete, you will receive a confirmation and a calendar event that you can place in Outlook or other popular calendars as a reminder. Remember: use a secure email address to protect your privacy. Our staff will be in contact with you and recommend any documentation you should have available during the initial consultation. Feel free to give it a try. We’re now just a click away! Do you just have a quick question? Drop us a note instead!