Collaborative Divorce

In collaborative divorce cases, ending a marriage is an agreed upon, cooperative resolution, decided upon by both spouses. When the parties in a disintegrating marriage agree to pursue settlement of their issues, a contentious divorce proceeding is not always necessary or desirable.

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The Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Divorce in Florida offers a less adversarial, less lengthy, and often less expensive, method for marriage dissolution. The Collaborative Approach requires both parties and their individual attorneys to commit themselves to resolving all issues of the dispute by negotiated agreement. The parties and their lawyers form a legal binding contract not to resort to going to court for any reason except to introduce their Agreement into evidence and obtain a Judgment. Litigation is not a part of Collaborative Divorce and the Collaborative Approach is applicable to all areas of Family Law. Spouses who use the Collaborative Approach will avoid costs since the process typically requires less time and the use of neutral marital experts (finance, psychology, etc.) can be shared. Unlike traditional negotiation or litigation approaches, the Collaborative Approach is not based on opposing sides arguing their respective positions to meet a standard of proof based on evidence. Thus, as a result, spouses and families often avoid the emotional pain of acrimonious litigation or contentious arguments! Collaborative Family Law is an established Alternative Dispute Resoluion process and works best when the attorneys for both sides are trained to practice it. Since Collaborative Family Law is a relatively new concept, many attorneys are not familiar or trained on the process, so be sure to inquire about an attorney’s training and experience in the Collaborative Divorce process prior to retaining a lawyer if you and your spouse are considering the Collaborative Approach.

Empowerment and Control

Charles D. Jamieson has successfully assisted and guided clients through the Collaborative Divorce process. Often, solving problems and reaching resolution through collaboration is more satisfying and less stressful for both parties since the process is needs based and not positioned based; the parties work to solve problems in an environment that encourages creative solutions. As a result, a key benefit that clients often report is a sense of empowerment and control, which is not as attainable or common when matters are left for courts to decide. This key benefit plays out in many ways… reduced expenses, avoidance of cross examination, and a focus on the family’s best interests, especially the children’s best interests.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

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Collaborative Divorce in the West Palm Beach Area

To use the Collaborative Divorce process, both parties will need to retain an attorney who has been formally trained in Collaborative Family Law. Go here, for more information about Collaborative Family Law, and a directory of attorneys who practice Collaborative Divorce in the West Palm Beach area.

Championing the Cause of Collaborative Family Law

With a strongly held belief in the cause for family rights, Charlie is a supporter of amicable divorce and Collaborative Family Law because it best protects children’s consistent and positive relationships with their parents and other family members during and after the divorce process. The Collaboration Approach does this by invoking an Agreement that both parties will work towards the best interests (financial, custodial, and otherwise) of all family members.

Charlie became involved in Collaborative Family Law upon learning of a group of trained Collaborative Family Law Attorneys in Tampa. Charlie was immediately drawn to the group and joined. Over six years ago, Charlie was a founding member of The Collaborative Divorce Team, Inc. in Palm Beach County, Florida to create awareness and encourage other attorneys and related divorce professionals in the West Palm Beach area to practice Collaborative Family Law. Charlie has held the elected office of Chairman of the organization since its inception. In addition to his role as Chairman of The Collaborative Divorce Team, Inc. Charlie is also a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals – an organization that like Charlie is focused on creating client-centered processes for resolving conflict.

As an outspoken advocate for parents’ rights for over 30 years, Charlie has considerable experience and knowledge about psychological issues, parenting, and the impact of divorce on children, and financial issues that he shares with the parties during the Collaborative Divorce process. The result is that Charlie is able to offer valuable insights on reaching Agreements amicably and quickly. Spouses benefit from lower costs, the preservation of family bonds, and the sense of empowerment and control they feel.

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Charles Jamieson is a Board Certified Marital and Family Law Attorney in Florida.

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